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We are a comprehensive tax and accounting firm dedicated to delivering top-tier, personalized services.

Our core strength lies in our year-round commitment to assisting you with tax, financial, and business planning. We are here to serve as your trusted advisors, guiding you in the following areas:

1. Minimizing your tax liabilities

2. Meeting recordkeeping and reporting obligations

3. Resolving business challenges

4. Utilizing financial reports to make informed business decisions

5. Maximizing profits from your business endeavors

6. Strategically planning your estate to align with your wishes and minimize tax burdens.

Feel free to reach out via email with any inquiries, suggestions, or feedback. 

Please e-mail any questions, suggestions or other feedback.

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Tammi Le

TaxLogica Dallas

Joined: 2001

Expertise: Tax, Accounting, Audit, Insurance, Marketing, Loans, Retirement

Huan Do


Joined: 2016

Expertise: Realty, Loans, Investments, IT, Legal

Julie Anh Nguyen

TaxLogica Arlington

Joined: 2015

Expertise: Accounting, Business Tax

Kim Vy Bui

TaxLogica Haltom City

Joined: 2016

Expertise: Tax, Life, Health, Payroll, Bookkeeping

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TaxLogica Arlington

Joined: 2016

Expertise: Life, Health, Individual Tax, Retirement

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TaxLogica Arlington

Joined: 2012

Expertise: Individual Tax, Life, Retirement

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TaxLogica Arlington

Joined: 2019

Expertise: Tax, Accounting, Legal

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Insurance Agent

Joined: 2016

Expertise: Insurance, Underwriting, Retirement

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Mortgage Loan Officer

Joined: 2019

Expertise: Mortgage, SBA Loans, Individual Tax

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Joined: 2019

Expertise: Realty, Life, Health, Retirement

Heather Nguyen

Registered Social Security Analyst

Joined: 2019

Expertise: Life, Retirement, Underwriting